At the age of six, my parents gave me a camera because they realized that I’m a visual person. My formal education includes a bachelor of arts from Michigan State University and a diploma in commercial photography from the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, Ohio.  While working as a freelance commercial photographer, some of my favorite assignments were photographing artwork.

Karen Wegienek, stained glass artist

Eventually I found myself in a stained glass class and had an epiphany.  This is my medium.  After that day, my path has been to make stained glass for others to enjoy.  With further study, I have refined my skills and cultivated my artistic vision in the glass medium.  My life and work have come together, just like the complementary and contrasting colors combined in artistic expression.

Some of the tools I use most are the composition and color precepts from my work in photography.  I continue to attend courses with numerous glass experts from around the United States.

For me, it’s all about the combination of light and glass.  Stained glass is art that morphs into a different piece, depending on the light of day.

I especially enjoy working with clients.  Together we embark on a journey to combine your concepts with my skills and talents to make something wonderful.  Of course, the real joy is delivering a piece of custom art that will color your world with beauty.